Spare parts / repair

Proactive support
Our customer support organization strongly believes in working directly with our customers to deliver the services that best fit their needs.  Faure Herman Customer Support is dedicated to answering your equipment questions, whether they are related to use and care or to buy spare parts or repair.

Answers that match your needs
If you need spare parts, repair, please contact us at +33 2 43 28 55 or click here to email us

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Our flow metrology expertise
Faure Herman proposes its recognized expertise and know-how in metrology through its COFRAC/ILAC (ISO 17025) certification.

Our installation, the only one of its kind, calibrates a broad range of flow rates – from 10 l/h to 3,000 m3/h – and of viscosities – from 0.5 to 350 cSt (this can be extended up to 1000 cSt) – all in compliance with international standards as OIML, API, and ISO and with our customers’ specific requirements.

Faure Herman has 11 calibration stations for testing liquid and gas flow meters.

We calibrate your flowmeters according to your service conditions in terms of : flowrange, viscosity and hydrocarbon fluids.

Meter sizes1/2″ – 18″Viscosity0.5 to 350 cSt (higher upon request)Technology of provingBall / piston / mass / tank master meter provers

Hydrocarbon Calibration facilities for liquid meters
Flow 4 l/h – 2900 m3/h

Meter sizes4″ – 24″ (higher upon request)FluidAir at 20°CTechnology of provingMaster meter provers

Calibration facilities for gas meters
Flow 0.5 – 2500 m3/h

To make a calibration inquiry, please contact us at +33 2 43 60 28 55 or click here to email us.