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IT400 Totalizer

Main applications
  • Flowrate indicator / totalizer
  • Analog 4-20mA output
  • Explosion proof hazardous area
  • Directly mounted on turbine meter
Key customer advantages
  • Compact explosion proof enclosure (CSA, Atex (Exd IIC T6), FM certified)
  • All Setup data is stored in permanent memory
  • Field programmable
    • Warnings (Flow Low/High, Temperature Low/High, Battery Level, Service Time Elapsed)
    • Alarm (Converts a warning to an output/total inhibitor)
    • Service (Hours of operation with flow conditions)
    • Independent Total/Rate units
    • Each Module can be enabled/disabled for power savings
    • Temperature can be displayed w/ Select
    • Rate can be displayed w/ Grand
    • Menu Lockout Code
Inputs / Outputs


      • Flow (Pulse – sine wave / square wave)
      • Temperature (2 wires – 10000Ω Platinum RTD)
      • Magnetic reed switches


      • 4-20 mA output
      • Pulse output
      • Alarm
      • Modbus (RS-232)
      • Open collector
Power supply
      • External: DC-in (5-48VDC) or 4-20mA loop (7-36VDC)
      • Internal: Battery

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