Helical Meter Technology

Click here to view video of helical turbine flowmeter technology.

Measurement by HELICAL TURBINE METER uses the velocity of the flowing liquid to rotate a uniquely designed Dual Bladed Rotor at a speed that is proportional to fluid Velocity.

Available flow rate ranges from 50l/h to 5500 m3/h, in sizes ranging from 1/2″ to 18″.

Calibration in actual viscosity conditionsSuperior flexibility in terms of flow rate ranges (OPEX)

Reduced installation foot print (CAPEX)Superior linearity (+/- 0.15%) over a wide range of viscosityReduced installation costs and foot print (CAPEX)

Accurate measurements = Reliable incomeReliable and stable in severe conditions such as wax, sand, DRA, …Reduced maintenance costs (OPEX)

Accurate measurements = Reliable incomeLow pressure dropReduced operational (energy) costs (OPEX)

Main features Benefits
Removable cartridge (except HelifluTM TCX) – Plug and Play meter Reduced maintenance costs (OPEX)