Our competencies

Exceptional calibration capabilities combined with excellent metrological know-how!

Faure Herman’s metrology expertise and know-how is recognized by its COFRAC/ILAC (ISO 17025) certification.

Unique calibration resources

Our installation, the only one of its kind, calibrates a broad range of flow rates – from 10 l/h to 2,850 m3/h – and of viscosities – from 0.5 to 500 cSt (this can be extended up to 1000 cSt – 2,000 m3/h) – all in compliance with international standards as OIML, API, and ISO and with our customers’ specific requirements.

Faure Herman has 11 calibration stations for testing liquid and gas flow meters.

Major added value of Faure Herman calibration facility

  • Traceability fully established to International Standards
  • Independent Calibration Laboratory verified by COFRAC/ILAC (ISO17025) accreditation; https://www.cofrac.fr/
  • Worldwide recognized calibration results through the ILAC/MRA (Mutual Recognition Agreements)
  • Calibration done with Hydrocarbon fluids at actual process conditions
  • In addition to verification, the capability to adjust flow meters in our workshop
  • Calibration benches uncertainties meet the most stringent requirements

Metrological excellence to serve our customers

Faure Herman, a leader in the market for accurate measurement of liquids, offers its customers an extensive range of services: calibration, on-site assistance, commissioning, maintenance, repair, spare parts management, and user training.
These services, based on our mastery of liquid measurement systems, complete our product offering and enable our customers to optimize their use of Faure Herman equipment.