Mastering the flow

The French company, founded in 1925, designs and manufactures high-accuracy flow-meters for liquid hydrocarbon applications both in O&G and aerospace industries.

Present across the globe, our flow-metering equipment are developed around two main technologies : helical turbine and ultrasonic.

Faure Herman 04-2012

Our high level of quality and standards allow our customers to improve their processes and efficiency, reducing the total cost of ownership of the equipment.

Thanks to its know-how, Faure Herman is a preferred supplier of the Oil & Gas and aerospace industries.


Our flow metrology expertise

Thanks to its COFRAC-ILAC certified testing laboratory, Faure Herman is able to perform in-house calibration and re-calibration of flowmeters over a wide range of flowrates and viscosities

International certifications, recommendations and standards

The flowmeters for applications in O&G are in compliance with International Certifications (NMI, LNE, INMETRO, GOST, …) recommendations and standards (MID/OIML R117-1, API, ASME/PED, ATEX/IEC, EMC, …). With respect to its aeronautical operations, Faure Herman holds AS/EN 9100 – AQAP 2110 quality certifications and EASA PART 21G – PART/FAR 145 regulatory approvals.

Global Services

The company provides after-sales support services including commissioning, preventive maintenance, on-site assistance, spare parts management and training. These services, based on our comprehensive knowledge of the metrological chains involved in liquid measurements, round off our product offering and enable our clients to make the best use of their Faure Herman equipment.

The company is ISO 9001-2008 certified.

Your customers – Our customers

FAURE HERMAN is part of the American group IDEX Corporation since 2007 (www. ).

IDEX Corporation is a diversified, engineered products company with 6,800 employees worldwide.

Within IDEX, FAURE HERMAN belongs to the Energy & Fuel platform, also called Liquid Controls Group (LCG). The LCG provides custody transfer equipment for the control and management of high-value hydrocarbons.

With a total of six industry leading brands : Corken, Liquid Controls, Sponsler, Sampi, Toptech, Faure Herman, the Liquid Controls Group has a strong global presence with seven business units in five countries and over 500 distributors around the world.

At LCG and IDEX, the voice of our customers is our driving force. With your guidance, we can preserve the quality of our existing products and develop new products and services that best meet your customer’s needs.